Who we are

The Collective Newsroom has been founded by four of the BBC’s most senior employees in India with a wealth of journalistic and operational experience. With more than 250 journalists based in Delhi and a number of Indian cities, it brings you distinctive, impartial and world-class content in seven languages and is the BBC’s sole provider of content for its Indian language websites and social media platforms.

Based in the BBC’s largest international market, we bring you the best of Indian journalism guided by the world’s biggest and most reputable news organisation. We provide digital, audio and television content in Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and Telugu as well as English. 

Our Vision is to be the "Home to India’s most credible, creative and courageous journalism" with a Mission to "lead with facts bringing diverse voices through innovative and impactful journalism in the public interest".

Founding members
  • Atul Garg
  • Thangavel Appachi
  • Kiran Chahal
  • GS Ramamohan
  • Shashank Chouhan